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Here's what you will find in Phase I:

  • Using the filters on the left of the screen, you can create views of descriptive statistics on traffic stop data collected by each department and statewide totals.

Here's what you will not find:

  • The ability to make comparisons for multiple departments simultaneously or alongside the statewide totals.
  • The ability to determine in the pre-stop descriptive statistics which departments were identified as exhibiting racial disparities in traffic stop practices. To determine whether there are racial disparities by department, read the April 2015 report issued by the IMRP which utilized a rigorous statistical analysis. You can also read our data story which explains the methodology applied and the departments that were identified.

Here's what is coming in Phase II:

  • Visualizations of the econometric analysis that identifies which departments show statistically significant racial disparities in treatment of minority drivers versus non-minority drivers
  • Visualizations enabling the comparison of post-stop data
  • In 2016, IMRP will complete an analysis of pre-stop data at the officer level and the results will be posted here

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